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“Language and regional expertise skills can save lives and ensure mission accomplishment throughout confrontation, conflict, and stabilization operations.” - Joint Publication 1-0

“Maintenance and enhancement of linguistic proficiency is an operational necessity …  Standardization of Navy CLPs is vital to meeting language regional expertise and culture (LREC) mission requirements. All commands with language-coded billets or with foreign language proficient Sailors must establish a CLP.” - OPNAVINST 5400.46

Recognition Programs

The following provide the means to recognize the command language program and the DON civilians and Sailors (officers, chiefs, and junior enlisted) who made the most significant contributions to operations using foreign language.  Details are in OPNAVINSTs 1650.31 and 1650.32.  A NAVADMIN with additional information is released each year soliciting nominations.

  -  Command Language Program of the Year (CLPOY)
  -  Language Professional of the Year (LPOY)
  -  Linguist of the Year (LOY)


Congratulations to FY 2013 Winners!

 NAVADMIN 84/14 

Contact the Center for Language Regional Expertise & Culture (CLREC)  to identify language training opportunities appropriate to the needs of your command and Sailors.


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