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The Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands (AFPAK) Hands (APH) Program was launched by DoD in September 2009 to develop a cadre of experts specializing in the complexities of Afghanistan and Pakistan including the language, culture, processes and challenges.

The objective of the APH Program is to identify, select, train, and manage this cohort to provide greater continuity, focus and persistent engagement on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  These "Hands" are able to develop close working relationships with their Afghan and Pakistani counterparts and are placed in positions of strategic influence to ensure progress towards achieving U.S. government objectives in the AFPAK region. 

After initial training and in-country tours, "Hands" return home to apply their experience and insights in key staff positions at the Pentagon, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and other headquarters.  The desired end-state is a program that will support critical elements of the National Security Strategy while preserving the member's career progression.


AFPAK Hands Supporting Documents

 CJCS APH Program Establishment Memo 28AUG09

CJCSI 1630.01 APH Program


CJCS APH Memo 22May12

 AFPAK Hands Program Brief - Jun12


*For APH Program assignment or personnel questions, please contact your detailer or: CDR Mark A. Willaims - (PERS -4G3) or, LT Pamela McLaughlin, (PERS -463)

*For questions regarding Navy's APH program policy, please contact: LT Kathryn Robertson (OPNAV N13F) - - (703)604-5508