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Career Development Program (CDP), Assessments, and Navy Rentention Monitoring System (NRMS)

Command Career Counselors are required to have their Career Development Program (CDP) reviewed and assessed annually. A passing grade of 85% or better is required for a command to be eligible for the Retention Excellence Award. Use the Career Counselor Handbook, NAVPERS 15878K, Appendix A (link provided below) to prepare for your successful assessment.

Special Note: Commands should use NAVPERS 15878K, Appendix B to screen first tour Command Career Counselors and to provide feedback regarding CCC level of knowledge and ablilities. Send feedback to the ISIC Counselor within 6 months (IAW Appendix A.2 Question 6).

Navy Retention Monitoring System (NRMS) allows the Navy to report and analyze retention data. Data reflected in NRMS is factored into the annual Retention Excellence Award determination process. Additionally CCCs use NRMS to monitor retention and attrition statistics and provide monthly updates to the Commanding Officer. Use links provided below to establish NRMS access and use the system.