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The reserve officer promotion selection boards for this year are for FY-14. This means that officers selected in this year's boards will be promoted in FY-14 beginning 01 OCT 2013.

The board ID number is #387.

The board results have been released, ALNAV 066/13.

As information pertinent to this year's board becomes available, the corresponding link below will be updated. The board considers all CWO's as one competitive category regardless of designator.

Board Information

Board Membership - The membership for three CWO boards.

SecNav Approved Precept - The Secretary of the Navy now releases one Precept as the convening authority for all promotion boards.

Board Convening Order - The Convening Order provides guidance and additional information to the board members on selection criteria.

Release Process for Board Results - Tracker that follows the results as they go through the approval process.

Board Statistics - Board statistics broken down by zone for all competitive categories consider by this board.

Phasing Plan - Promotion plan spreadsheet that shows how the promotions of those selected on the current FY board will be spread out (or phased) throughout the upcoming current fiscal year.  It show the number to be promoted by month.  IMPORTANT: this is a projection and is subject to change.  The authority to excute the promotion comes solely from the monthly NAVADMIN message.