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Reserve CWO 4

 Welcome to the Reserve CWO-4 Promotion Selection Board page.

 This Board's ID number is #386. 

This board considers reserve CWO-3's for promotion to CWO-4. The reserve CWO boards are the only reserve boards that consider "below zone" officers for promotion.

The "junior eligible" on the annual zone message marks the beginning of the below zone group. The "junior in zone" marks the beginning of the actual in zone group. A below zone look does not count as a failure of selection if the officer is not selected. It is an early look and opportunity for promotion. 

The reserve boards are usually allowed to select a maximum of 1 below zone per paygrade. Please note that this is NOT an extra pick. IF the board chooses a below zone it counts as one of the "total number to pick" that the board is authorized to select.