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Serving on a Reserve Board


Interested In Serving On A Reserve Promotion Board?


Requests to serve on a reserve selection board for the FY-16 boards cycle ARE TO BE ROUTED VIA CNRF.  

Commander Naval Reserve Force
releases an annual requirements message in July or August.

This year's message: CNRF FY16 BOARD MEMBERSHIP (015/14)        

The message from CNRFC for the FY-16 board cycle has been released.  Please refer to the schedule on the NPC web site, FY-16 Board Schedule, for the correct convening date for any board you are interested in.      

This message details the board application process.  Unrestricted and Restricted Line officers as well as Chief Warrant Officers that want to serve on a board in any capacity, need to submit an application to the board member coordinator at CNRF using the email address given in the message. Do not send it directly to NPC. Your Reserve Center CO or Community Flag Officer may endorse your application. If you obtain an endorsement, have them personally forward it to the email address in the message. Do not have administrative personnel forward the application on your behalf regardless of the circumstance.  Doing so could compromise a board's membership and will invalidate your application.

The board application form has been revised and is available.  This form is to be used to apply for any board conducted at NPC.  Please contact the CNRFC board member coordinator above by either the email address in the message or by phone to request the form, if you have difficulty downloading.

Application status: Applications for all FY-16 boards are being accepted.

For Staff Corps boards:
ALL applications from Medical, Dental, Nurse, and Medical Service Corps officer must be submitted through BUMED. Please contact the Reserve program manager at BUMED.

Supply Corps applications should be submitted through the Reserve Supply Corps community manager. For information call (901) 874-4622.

Chaplain Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and Civil Engineer Corps should check with their reserve program managers about serving on a reserve board. 

           If you are an E-9 to E-7 and are interested in enlisted boards please go to: 

Active Duty Enlisted Advancements            Reserve Enlisted Advancements

If you are interested in the following administrative board:


           USNR LDO/CWO         USNR FTS Redesignation         Apply Board

·         There are many other administrative boards run by many different organizations within Navy Personnel Command. Contact the sponsor for that board for submission procedures.