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Future Fleet Angel,

Congratulations, I am pleased you have received orders to the "Fleet Angels" of HELSEACOMBATRON TWO and look forward to your arrival. As your Commanding Officer, I would like to welcome you aboard the first and finest squadron in the United States Navy. You will be an important member of the Navy's East Coast Fleet Replacement Squadron for the MH-60S,"HSC-2". Anticipate your tour here to be both challenging and rewarding. My challenge for you is that you use this route to become an even better sailor and make the "Fleet Angels" better as well.

Located at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia, the "Fleet Angels" operate the Sikorsy MH-60S Knighthawk. As a Fleet Replacement Squadron, HSC-2 trains pilots and aircrewmen to fly the MH-60S in preparation for a variety of worldwide missions, including Fleet Logistics Support, Search and Rescue, Medical Evacuation, Armed Helicopter, and Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR).  The squadron fulfills secondary missions of Theater Security (TSC) and Governmental Training Courses, and COMSECONDFLT Operational Support. You are joining an exciting command that consistently sets the standard in Fleet Support and the dynamic environment of training future pilots and aircrewmen. Your time here will be among your most rewarding professional experiences.

Your sponsor is available to provide you with assistance in your transition. If you are unable to contact your sponsor, please call the Command Sponsor Coordinators at (757) 445-4897 (DSN 565-4897) or email HSC2_NRFK_COMMAND_SPONSORS@NAVY.MIL. Please keep your sponsor informed of travel plans, especially your arrival date so we can assist you as necessary.

Commander, Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic has established a relocation assistance website for military members and their families transferring to the Hampton Roads area. The website, , provides information on the Hampton Roads area to include family housing, child care, military installations, area schools, utility companies and many more resources for military members moving to the area.

The Fleet Angels are very serious about promoting a safe and efficient working environment. The goal of our command's safety program is operational readiness through preservation of human and material assets. Operational Risk Management (ORM) is utilized at all levels and I encourage you to incorporate it into your travel plans which limits driving distances and plans for daytime driving to help mitigate risk during your travel. You can rest assured that while aboard HSC-2, your safety and that of your squadron mates is of the utmost priority.

Upon arrival you are directed to report to the Admin office, located at hangar SP-35, Naval Station Norfolk. The quarterdeck can be reached at (757) 445-5191.

If you or your family members need to forward mail to the command, our mailing address is as follows:


524 A Street
Norfolk, VA


Once again, Welcome Aboard. I cannot imagine a tour more rewarding than the one you are about to begin. I look forward to meeting you upon your arrival.




Commanding Officer