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 Check-In Information

“Welcome Aboard!” Congratulations on your orders to the USS George H.W. Bush, recipient of the 2014 Battle "E", Admiral Flatley​ Memorial Safety Award, and Fleet Retention Excellence Award. George H.W. Bush is currently stationed at Naval Station Norfolk. If you are arriving while our ship is underway, please contact the Naval Station Norfolk Beach Detachment below. If you are reporting after 6 May 2015, there are special requirements that are involved with reporting on board, as the ship will not be located at Naval Station Norfolk.  Your sponsor will provide you with all of the information you need. If you have any questions about your move or need a sponsor please contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator at

Mailing Address:
Unit 100331, Box 1

FPO AE 09513


(757) 444-5668
(24 hours per day)


*Naval Station Norfolk Beach Detachment:
1279 Franklin Street
Norfolk, VA 23511
(757) 444-8780
POC: Gary Watson


Note:  Bring all records, orders, endorsements, travel-related receipts, new address, etc.  After hours, please make sure you leave a good contact number (i.e. cell phone/relative/friend), in case we need to reach you prior to the next work day.

*If USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) is underway, report to the Beach Detachment.

 Travel Claims

On average, travel claims may take up to 30 days or more to process.  To help streamline this process, we need you to make sure that you have the following items in hand  when checking in:

  • Itemized lodging receipts with daily rates for any TDY stops and TLE claims.  Reimbursements can not be made without these!
  • Toll receipts (must have each receipt to receive payment).
  • Flight itineraries for any flight travel.
  • Car rental receipts (if authorized).
  • Receipts for any claims above $75 other than those listed above.

Personnel Receipts and Travel PH:
(757) 443-8786


 Member Responsibilities

Carefully read and execute orders as written (including endorsements).

Contact the Quarterdeck or duty driver for transportation to the command upon arrival in the area. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover transportation from the airport to Naval Station Norfolk (estimate around $38 for airport shuttle or $50 for taxi) if you don't get transportation via the duty driver. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is based on zip 23511-Norfolk Military Housing Area (MHA).

Get ready for the most rewarding tour of duty of your life!


 BAH Verification

We are conducting mandatory verification of all personnel receiving BAH upon reporting to the command. Upon your arrival you must provide the following documentation (must be original or certified notarized copies):

  • Marriage Certificate (Birth Certificate of dependent children for single parents)
  • Lease Agreement or Mortgage Statement
  • Utility Bill addressed to the residence

** Note: All single E-5 and below require command approval for BAH and should contact the command prior to entering into any rental/lease agreement or purchasing a home. **

You may contact the command at the following:

​ ​