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Command Philosophy


Fighting Tigers Command Philosophy
Patrol Squadron EIGHT enjoys an unparalled reputation for operational and organizational excellence where every Fighting Tiger is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed. We will continue to hold ourselves to highest standards serves to buoy command morale, movtivation and momentum. We will continue to advance our hard-won reputation through dedication and devotion to the following principles:
Live: Every Sailor in this command is an integral member of an exceptional team.  As such, it is critical for each and every one of us to be at our very best. Therefore, it is  of the utmost importance that ALL Fighting Tigers strive to maintain the optimal work-life indivisual's mental, physical, and spiritual health. On duty, I want you to have an understanding of your crucial role in the Command and that your day-to-day contributions are paramount to the succes of the Squadron. Off duty, we must strive to consistently make good choices, avoid destructive decision making, and always look after your fellow Tigers.

Learn: Always seek out oppurtunities to learn; don't wait for them to appear. At our core, we are warfighters prepared to execute the full spectrum of Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force operations. We must never stop trying to better ourselves. I expect all Fighting Tigers to be experts in their given field, prepared at a moments notice to execute our warfighting mission sets with safety as the conerstone. However, we must not limit ourselves to learning while on duty. Learn to enhance your role as a parent, sibling, mentor, etc. Subordinates, listen to your superiors. Their vast experience cannot be gleaned from sitting through CBTs or reading publications. Superiors, listen to your subordinates. Young sailors of today are knowledgeable than ever before. We owe it to our fellow Tigers, and more importantly to ourselves to never stop learning.
Lead: Never pass on an opportunity to lead. Our conduct and military bearing should reflect the highest ideals of Honor, Courage, And Commitment each and every day. Approach every problem with an eye for success and the intent to exceed the standard; let your leadership experience and qualified skills guilde you. At the end of the day, I don't need you to "fix" anything at VP-8. I need you to make VP-8 a better place.
Every Tiger should be proud of our squadron's distinguished heritage and the legacy to which each of us has contributed. Know that I am exceptionally proud of all of your accomplishments and you should share in that pride!
Tiger Tiger,
Skipper Kribs