About Us


Our mission is simple - we launch combat-ready aircraft, 24/7, anywhere in the world.


To foster a team of combat aviation professionals who are focused on the employment of our aircraft, getting the job done right and who are positive role models.


People - We are committed to taking care of our best resource, the men and women of TEAM BULL. We promote personal improvement and professional development by providing full support for advancement, qualifications, and leadership responsibility.


Production - We will proide Full Mission Capable aircraft in support of coalition forces in the struggle against violent extremism. We demand excellence from ourselves and each other. Excellence is achieved through focus and executing the basics safely and in accordance with the governing directives.

Professionalism - We are patriots, forged by the Navy's core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. We realize it is a privilege and honor to wear the uniform of the United States Sailor. As such, we are representatives of and ambassadors for our country, our Navy, and TEAM BULL.

Pride - We are a team, disciplined and well-prepared, committed to mission accomplishment. We do not waiver in our dedication and accountability to our shipmates and our families. If we do it right, every member of this command will look back on this tour and can say with a great deal of satisfaction, "I'm Damn proud to be a Bull!"