We are all part of a professional Naval Aviation Force, which influences events in an unsettled world through presence and power. We exist to take the fight to the nation's enemies and destroy them with precise, lethal effects. It takes more than aircraft and ordnance to project combat power; it takes an entire command working as a team.

MISSION. Strike Fighter Squadron THREE TWO will provide combat ready aircraft and personnel to deliver decisive air power in support of US foreign policy objectives, whenever and wherever, while upholding the core values of the US Navy.

VISION. With a warrior's ethos, we will relentlessly pursue excellence focusing on our mission. Effective communication, engaged leadership, and continuous improvement are essential in this pursuit. Zero risk is unattainable in our work, but we will manage risk to accomplish the mission while safeguarding our people and equipment.


PRIDE. We are Swordsmen; we are warriors, be proud! We protect the freedom, security, and prosperity of our nation.

PROFESSIONALISM. We are an elite fighting organization. We represent the US Navy at all times, both on duty and off, within the United States and on foreign soil.

PURPOSE. Our actions must have a purpose, must support our primary mission, and must make our Navy better. With purpose, we will focus on the task, we will do it right, and we will do it safely every time.

MY PRIORITIES. Mission accomplishment is my top priority. With our unrivaled maritime force, we will defeat those who mean the United States and its allies harm. Every Swordsman Sailor plays a vital role in this command's success.



"Deus et Patria" and Gypsy Roll!