Welcome Aboard EAWS

       Welcome to the Electronic Attack Weapons School, the finest Weapons School in the Fleet! Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing graduate level tactics and comprehensive weapons loading training throughout the electronic warfare community. We execute our mission through classroom academics, advanced simulators, and tactical flights. In addition, we provide comprehensive courseware via CD-ROM and the internet. We take advantage of our staff expertise and the latest technology to get the information out to the warfighters. You’ll be serving with the best and brightest while you support the fleet and advance the electronic attack community.

      The Electronic Attack Weapons School is located in Hangar 5 of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Normal operating hours are 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday. If reporting outside these hours, contact the Command Duty Officer at (360) 320-9320 or the Petty Officer of the Watch at (360) 320-9321.

      Your prospective duty assignment at EAWS requires a Top Secret security clearance. Lack of proper clearance can adversely affect your assignment and position within the command. Upon receipt of this letter, contact your servicing Special Security Officer for more information.

      I am sure your tour will prove professionally challenging and personally satisfying. I look forward to meeting you. You are now part of a proud team of warriors – the Weapons School. Welcome Aboard!