USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) Official Photo Illustration of the Ship sailing and launching air craft

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower



The Carrier Strike Group (CSG), composed of roughly 7,500 personnel, an aircraft carrier, at least one cruiser, a flotilla of six to 10 destroyers and/or frigates, and a carrier air wing of 65 to 70 aircraft. A carrier strike group is the largest operational unit of the United States Navy and comprises a principal element of U.S. power projection capability.

The Carrier Strike Group is a flexible naval force that can operate in confined waters or in the open ocean, during day and night, in all weather conditions. The principal role of the carrier and her air wing within the Carrier Strike Group is to provide the primary offensive firepower, while the other ships provide defense and support. These roles are not exclusive, however. Other ships in the strike group sometimes undertake offensive operations (launching cruise missiles, for instance) and the carrier's air wing contributes to the strike group's defense (through combat air patrols and airborne anti-submarine efforts). Thus, from a command and control perspective, Carrier Strike Groups are combat organized by mission rather than by platform.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is the flagship for the Commander, Carrier Strike Group Eight (CCSG 8).  The Strike Group is commanded by Rear Adm. Michael Gilday.  Destroyer Squadron 28 and Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW 7) with its eight squadrons complete our strike group.  To learn more about CCSG8 and the other embarked commands, please click on the links below.






                              Carrier Strike Group EIGHT (CCSG8) 




Carrier Air Wing SEVEN                               Carrier Air Wing SEVEN (CVW 7)                                      



Destroyer Squadron 28                                      Destroyer Squadron TWO EIGHT (DESRON 28)