Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 1

Commander, Carrier Strike Group 1

Checking Aboard

Congratulations on your assignment to Carrier Strike Group ONE (CSG-1). We look forward to your arrival aboard and welcome you to the finest Staff in the Navy.

New check-ins should report to Naval Base Point Loma, COMTHIRDFLT complex Bldg. 24 Rm. 176 or contact OS2 Hazelton at You are encouraged to contact the Fleet Family Service Center (FFSC) San Diego, CA. for more detailed information on the area, housing, schools, and employment opportunities for spouses. You can contact FFSC by calling (619) 556-7404 or NAS North Island (619) 545-6071 and on the web at .

While ship is underway INBOUND personnel will report to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU), located in Building 3142 at Naval Station San Diego. You can reach the TPU OOD at (619) 556-3182 or (619) 556-3185.  


CSG 1 Contact Information

UNIT 25066
FPO AP 96601-4704 CSG1
CSG1 Personnel
619.767.4788 CSG1
CSG1 Administration
619.767.4788 CSG1
619.226.5994 CSG1
CSG1 Flag Comms
CSG1 Flag Duty Officer
619.767.4765 CSG1
Flag Duty Officer Cell 619.301.4808