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"Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often" ADM "Bull" Halsey



Carrier Strike Group TWO prepares and provides combat ready maritime forces for on-call surge or scheduled deployed operations to execute the Maritime Strategy. We achieve operational success through superb leadership, material excellence, constant innovation and unmatched fighting skill.

Heritage and Lineage

Originally commissioned as Carrier Division TWO on September 30th, 1937, Rear Admiral C.A. Blakely served as Commander and Immediate Superior in Chain of Command of the soon-to-be delivered USS YORKTOWN (CV5) and USS ENTERPRISE (CV6), the first U.S. Navy ships designed from the keel up as aircraft carriers.

The mission of Carrier Division TWO was the supervision and training of the two carriers and their assigned air groups with the ultimate goal of furnishing fleet aviation support to the Battle Force. Additionally, a constant search for, and evaluation of, new tactics for Naval Aviation was pursued. Through the years this mission evolved considerably as the carrier no longer served as the supporting element of the Battle Group, but, instead, the initial presence and major striking power of the United States. With this expansion of mission, the responsibilities of the carrier division commander during fleet operations changed from command of a supporting element to command of the force itself, changing the command name to Carrier Group TWO in July 1973.

In a major step toward developing capabilities-centric navy command organizations, Carrier Group TWO was renamed Carrier Strike Group TWO in October 2004.

Notable former commanders of Carrier Division TWO/Carrier Strike Group TWO were RADM W.F. Halsey, RADM C.A.F. Sprague of World War II fame and the Navy's first female carrier strike group commander, RADM Nora W. Tyson.